LooK at Me !!

LooK at Me !!
"l,M Walking !!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Well its been awhile since I have been here, forgot the passwords to access, life been busy and kids growing up.Today Gracyn is 5 Yep 5 and off to school.she sure has grown up fastand hard to believe wher the time has gone.When I can figure oout how to put some pictures up ofmy little toe rag I will.Blog spot has all changed since I was here last.Technology aye.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

23 December 2010

Merry Xmas every one, Time certainly does fly. I have been meaning to post for quite some time now but we have just been too busy.
Gracyn has had a great year and is now 2 ( 16 October) we have had no hospital visits just some tough times with colds etc.
This is Gracyn,s 2nd Christmas and she is now getting to know what it ia all about and looking forward to the big day. This year we are spending it in Dunedin with Angela,s side of the family. A trip which we are all looking forward too.
Gracyn has become a daddys girl, waiting at the window at 5pm for me to come home from work and busting her valve when i leave with out her. I love it.!! She is talking well and you can just about have a conversation with her. Tegan is now 7 and next year will be in year 3 at school. He Just loves Gracyn to bits and is a great big brother.
As Gracyn has been so well there is not much to report, so my posts become less frequent. We are just enjoying every minute of her and extremly lucky to have such a perfect wee girl.

Take Care

Monday, September 13, 2010

12 september 2010

It has been a while since i have posted i have been very slack indeed. All is well here in the Reid Household.
Gracyn is coming along leaps and bounds, she can say her name, please and thank you, mummy, daddy and "no"!!!. At times she wanders around the house with the phone to her hear saying "hello hello"!! sometimes calling up her nana for a chat. I suppose she sees her mum talking on the phone everyday and copies her. Angela takes her to music which Gracyn really likes as she can often be heard singing in the car and around the place. She has been in great health with no hospital visits apart from her check ups from the developmental nurse who is impressed with her progress.
Gracyn will be 2 soon, and Ange will be 40 Hard to believe aye!!.Time sure flies.
She is a right little monster around the house getting up to lots of mischief. I have had to lock up the freezer and all the kitchen cupboards as she is always ripping everything out of them,Tegan use to do the same. Tegan is 7 now and a good boy getting great results at school, he played rugby this season and enjoyed his first year.i will update some photos soon before she is 2 all going well

Cheers for now
Steve,Ange Tegan,Gracyn

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 June 2010

Hi All
Lots have happened over the past few months.Gracyn has been in good health and keeping us busy. She has finally started walking a bit wobbly but walking. She is funny staggering arround the place bumping into things, picking herself up and carrying on with a smile on her face.She has found the bathroom and as you can see by the toilet roll she enjoys pulling it until there is non left.She has picked up a few new words saying "HELLO" and GOODBYE" ONE, TWO,THREE, A B C OHH!! shes so clever. Tegan just loves here to bits,draging here arround like a rag doll.He is so good with her and she just loves him to bits.Following him everywhere.

Angela takes Gracyn to mainly Music on a thursday i managed to get along last week and had a great time. Gracyn stole the show of cource being the centre of attention and enjoying it. She is growing up so fast before we know it she wil be 21.Gracyn is a climber, she climbs up the couches on several ocassions, climbing to the top then rolly pollying down or climbing from chair to chair boy! do we really have to watch her now.She is due in a couple of weeks for her 18 month developmental check up, we are not concerned as we feel she is well advanced considering the start she had. iwill post again when we get the results.
New photos added.

Steve Ange, Tegan,Gracyn

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 April 2010

Yes i have been very slack at updating this blog but we have been just so busy enjoying our we girl.
Gracyn is in good health and growing like a mushroom.She is just about walking and can wave and can say bye bye!! "she,s so clever"!!. She is finally growing some hair but not enough to put up yet.And she is definatly a blonde. She is becoming a "daddys girl though and a bit of a cling on, protesting loudly when i leave for work and clinging onto me when i get home (i love it!!).Gracyn loves music and can dance when we ask her to and clap her hands too, she is really chuffed with herself when she does so and knows she has done well.
We recently returned from Rotorua&Taupo, our first family holiday all together.We had a great time ,the weather was great, Tegan and Gracyn had a ball and were both well behaved.i will post some photos this weekend and you will all see have much Gracyn &Tegan have grown.
We are haveing a good run, healthwise with Gracyn at the moment and long may it last.Hopefully this winter she would have built up a good immunity to help battle off the cold,s of winter.We will just have to see how it goes and take every day as it comes.
One thing for sure is that we are very lucky to have her, she is just a great wee girl and we enjoy her soo much. i will post some photos of our holiday as soon as i get a chance. Sorry to be so long between posts but time flys when your having fun.

c you

Monday, February 8, 2010

8th Feb 2010

We have been very busy over the past month and trying to enjoy the recent good weather.Gracyn is really on the move now and i have had to build some new gates on each end of the deck to stop her from escaping.
On The 30 of Jan we had a naming ceremony (non-religious)for Gracyn. We Picked this day as it was the closest to her corrected birth day of the 2nd of feb.Wellington put on a cracker of a day with all day sun and no wind. We had 60 of our friends, family and neighbours arround to celebrate. It was a massive day and we celebrated well into the nite. The formal part of the day was officiated by our Friend and Celebrant Connie Olsen, Connie married us and also named Tegan for us at his naming ceremony so she was only to happy to help us name Gracyn. We had a great day and i managed to get through my speach without any hickups or emotion (nearly).
Today Gracyn went for her Neuro Child Developement assesment where they bring out a lot of little toys where the therapyst checks her reaction to each one. Gracyn is well advanced in this area and passing tests that 18month olds should pass. the therapyst is amazed at her progress and said it has made her day to see how far Gracyn has come.I too am very proud.
Gracyn also had another hearing test and also passed this test with flying colours, another test will be conducted in 6 months so no grometts at this stage.
We had a trip in the Dodge to the car show in trentham, Gracyn took it all in stride meeting up with one of her ex room mate Jayden, shareing a bikky or two.Another great day in Wellington.

More Later
Steve Ange,Tegan Gracyn

Sunday, January 10, 2010

11 January 2010

Hi All
Happy 2010 to everyone we hope you all had a great family time and santa was nice to you.
Time sure has flown by we had a great Xmas and New Year, Gracyn just loved xmas day, she is still too young to understand but had a great time opening the presents with Tegan.Just rolling arround in the wrapping paper was fun enough for her.
Chris,Brett,Hannah,& Emma were up from Dunedin makeing it a full house at Nanna&Grandads it was great to have them here for Gracyn,s real first xmas at home.Xmas dinner was grand so was boxingday dinner,and the day after, nothing but food and beers.A great time was had by all.
Gracyn started to crawl a week before xmas she is off now and can get a real pace on when she see,s something she wants.She caught a bit of a stomach virus duning the break and refused to eat,drink or sleep making it a bit hard for us both but she is all over that now and back to her normal happy self.Gracyn can now clap her hands when we prompt her so now we have to train her for a new trick, maybe a wave bye bye next.
We had losts of visitors during the hoildays which was great as the weather was too fickle to make any real plans, two days the same would be good.
I am back to work tomorrow and looking forward to it NOT!!!!!, the time seems to have just flown by but i have had a great family time.Hopefully can get some reasonable weather soon so we can get out and do some family stuff.